A 26 year old New Bedford man faces arraignment today in 3rd District Court after being arrested in connection with a car jacking near St. Luke's Hospital last week.

Police say 26 year old Juan Joel Rivera of Phillips Avenue was spotted early Friday afternoon getting into the stolen Chevrolet Suburban near Chancery and Elm Streets. After he drove off in the S U V, police stopped the vehicle and arrested him without incident.

A kitchen knife believed to be the weapon used in the car jacking was found in the S U V at the time of his arrest. Rivera faces a number of charges including carjacking, assault by mean of a dangerous weapon and armed robbery.

The victim, a 44 year old Dartmouth woman, was able to positively identify Rivera as the car jacker through a photo array. Police say he carjacked the vehicle after he was released from the hospital although its not known what kind of care Rivera received.