Transportation Secretary Richard Davey was in Fall River Monday, touting Governor Deval Patrick's 21st Century Transportation Plan.

The plan calls for reducing debt and generating additional revenues through an increase in the state's income tax. Davey fielded questions from the audience about several transportation projects, most notably SouthCoast Rail.

Senator Michael Rodrigues of Westport says some of his colleagues on Beacon Hill need to look beyond their districts, and see the state-wide benefits of SouthCoast Rail.

The transportation plan earmarks over $1.8 billion dollars in funding for that project over 10 years. Davey says while SouthCoast Rail and paying down transportation debt are the big ticket items, the plan will have positive impact on every city and town in the Commonwealth.

The Army Corps Environmental Report on the project is expected to be released in the spring. Davey added during the meeting that, "realistically", SouthCoast Rail could be completed by the year 2021.