The Winter Olympics are underway in Sochi Russia, are you watching?  In this age of smart phones and instant messaging, I wonder if the Olympics are being watched as closely as in the past?  I have not been glued to my television, but I did spend some time with the games from Russia and I have to say the athletes I have seen are amazing.  I saw some of the skating and the 15 year old Russian girl is incredible, the skiers who are brave enough to slip on skis and head down the course are extremely brave and the snowboarders who take their riding to new heights are amazing.  Especially the young woman from the Czech Republic who crashed and was out cold only to get up and finish on her own.  I guess its story's like this that keep eyes glued to the television and the ratings for the Olympics high, after all the Ice Hockey is about to begin and many of our favorite NHL players will take to the ice.