We had some fun with apps for your smart phone today.  There are millions of them available some useful some just silly, here are some of the Oddball Apps that are available.

There's the Belly Button app, it shows nothing but pictures of belly buttons, some you can tickle and get some laughter.

Zit Picker, using two fingers you can pick and pop the zits on your friends faces, lots of fun!

Run Pee, it helps you plan your pee beaks during movies so you don't miss anything, a timer will go off at the best time to go!

Annoy-A-Teen, one of my favorites, it emits irritationg high frequency sounds that most adults have lost their ability to hear, thereby targeting teens, brilliant!

Cover-Up, fi you are scared about using public restrooms because of the noises, this app will get you over that, Cover-Up masks unpleasant sounds by simulating sound effects like running water, hand-dryiers and blow dryers.

Sim Stapler, it brings all the thrill of a stapler right to the palm of your hand.

Then there's the iFart, need I say any more?

Like I said there are millions of app's available out there try some of these and let me know what you think, if you have an app you like and want to share with us please do!