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OPINION | Ken Pittman: Hush Money No Consequence for Accused
If Congressman Leghumper or Senator Woody locks a door and forcibly rapes his hot, naive little aide on his desk, the taxpayers will pay her 100% of whatever damages are agreed upon and not one dime will come form the pocket of the dishonorable legislator.
Walsh on Highway Killings
Former Bristol County District Attorney Paul Walsh joined Chris McCarthy on "Sunday Brunch" to discuss the New Bedford Highway Killings.
Human Trafficking Case
Following the arrest of a Fairhaven man for human trafficking last week, Senator Mark Montigny of New Bedford said the issue happens more than people realize in Massachusetts and across the country.
Highway Killings [VIDEO]
Chris McCarthy of WBSM's Sunday Brunch interviews Maureen Boyle, author of Shallow Graves: The Hunt for New Bedford Highway Serial Killer.
Stan Lipp Passes Away
Lipp was the host of the popular WBSM talk show "Open Line" from 1964 to 2001.
The Shell Factory Receives National Recognition
1420 WBSM looks forward to broadcasting New Bedford Day from The Shell Factory in Ft. Myers, Florida every second Tuesday in March. The Shell Factory is a landmark roadside attraction that has been welcoming families for over 80 years. What's more, The Shell Factory is the world's largest seashell r…
[THOMAS] Filling In For Phil
The clocks advance one hour and Phil is taking a well deserved vacation. I will be pinch hitting, Monday-Friday, with Chris McCarthy similarly hustling the bases during my shift. Too bad the weather ain't on our side!
I come endowed with decaf green tea, oatmeal and the percolating pleasure of i…
TWEET Revenge
Trump has learned how to by-pass the media by TWEETING.
A "Tale" Of Two Cities
he Children's Defense Fund report to which Hillary Rodham contributed in 1973, never mentions this little girl she'd allegedly discovered on a back porch lamenting in ignorance