There have been a few articles today about whether or not we should postpone Election Day. One week from today we are scheduled to head to the polls to vote for President and other offices as well as referendum questions. While the hurricane didn't create major disasters for us, NY, NJ and CT are dealing with devastation and a lack of power that could last for days. Some of the "talking heads" and bloggers say this could cause problems.

  • The candidates will not be able to get their message heard by all.
  • All of those political ads are not being seen by all.
  • If polling places are moved, voters could be confused.
  • And if you are worried about feeding your family and getting back to work, who thinks about politics?

My personal opinion is to keep the election where it is. This can't be the first time we've had to deal with a major story or storm on or near election day. Plus, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS TO BE OVER!

Your thoughts?