With gas prices close to $4.00 per gallon for gasoline anything we do to help get the most out of those gallons can save us in the end.  Today's vehicles are built to get the best possible mileage starting with the computer program used to design the vehicle.  Cars are designed using the lightest materials, aerodynamic shapes and other styling techniques to get every mile possible out of every last drop of fuel.  Keeping up with your cars maintenance is important too, from changing

the oil and other fluids to checking the tire pressure.  Yes, checking the tire pressure!  When is the last time you checked that?  If you are like most people you probably only check your tire pressure when the light comes on on your dashboard.  According to many tire manufactures you should  check the pressure in your tires every month, yes 12 times a year!  I don't know anyone who does that!  After doing a little research I came across this tire pressure/gas mileage calculator it asks how many miles you average per day, how much you pay for gas and your mileage.  After you enter the information it shows you how much more you will spend per year if the pressure is low in your tires.  It is eye opening at how much it can cost you by not checking the pressure.  Study's show that 85% of drivers never check their tire pressure, that means that lots of us are using way more fuel than we need to and we are paying more at the pump.  Most auto manufacturers put the proper tire inflation information inside

the door panel on the drivers side, use this number not the one on the tire itself.  The manufacturer runs tests on your particular vehicle and puts the proper pressure information on the car.  Now that we know this, take time and check your tire pressure, the best time to do it is before the car has been driven it will give you a better number also don't wait until the light comes on because they only come on when the tire loses more than 25% of it's pressure.  It only takes a couple of minutes to check the tire pressure and think of how much cash you will save by doing this simple step.