A New Bedford man is out some cash after falling for a phone scam.

Police say the man received a call from somebody claiming to be an IRS agent, saying the man owed money and the New Bedford Police would arrest him if he didn't pay up. A short time later, the man recieved a call from an alleged police officer, backing up what the phony IRS agent said.

The victim did as he was told, and activated Money Pak cards, and gave the card numbers to the scammer.

Detective Captain Steve Vicente says one tip-off to such a scam is the unconventional means of payment.

Vicente says another red flag was the threat of police involvement. He says police do not involve themselves in civil matters like debt collection.

The scammers are apparently using a "spoofing" system, that lists the real numbers of the IRS or police department on your caller ID.

If you recieve such a call, alert police at 508-991-6300 ext. 137.