Boston based, The Great Bull Run, LLC, is already banking money from an American version of Pamplona, Spain's San Fermin running of the bulls, taking place south of Richmond, VA on August 24.

The Virginia Motor Sports Park will host at least 5,000 dare devils, each paying $50 plus full insurance, to brave the horns and hooves of bulls weighing about 1,000 pounds, that can run 20 m.p.h. In Spain, 14 people have been killed by the bulls over the last 100 years. Medical teams will be on hand at the Virginia event, the first of a 10 city tour, including, Atlanta, Dallas and Houston.

The adrenaline charged spectacle was made famous here by Ernest Hemmingway's classic 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises. People are always looking for something out of the ordinary, so would you consider running with the bulls? I'm cheering for the bulls!