Rob Gronkowski suffered a big injury on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, and many are placing the blame on Bill Belichick, but not Patriots owner Robert Kraft. During an interview with Mike Lupica on ESPN Radio New York, Kraft said that he has had discussion with Bill Belichick about taking various players out, but he doesn't place the blame souly on his shoulders.

...when you start taking players out -- and you’re saying this guy stays in, he’s not as important as the other guy -- remember going back to that ’01 Super Bowl, we’ve always put team first and trying to treat everybody -- no matter where they stand on the pecking order -- the same, you can’t do it differently. I now accept that even though it hurts to see what happened to Gronk.

- Robert Kraft

The Patriots will face their rival, the New York Jets, on Thursday night at MetLife Stadium. They will be without Rob Gronkowski, but they have plenty of tight end options to work with.