Last week, famed boxer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter died at the age of 76. His biggest fight was outside the boxing ring, locked inside a prison cell for 19 long years for murder convictions he never committed. As a result, he became an international symbol of racial injustice!

Also recently, Todd Baptista and I interviewed 83-year-old Doo Wop icon, Eddie Richie and The Swallows, who is still going strong today. His 63 years in show business, however, were also riddled with racial injustice and indignation. For instance, Richie was paid as an 'employee' of the record company that made millions on his hits, "Will You Be Mine" and "Beside You" but the record owners never shared a penny of royalties with their vocalist star! He just received a meager weekly check! To this day, he hasn't been able to collect any of the monies.

Eddie Richie was often asked to change in the alley way behind draped blankets, while white artists were given star treatment with dressing rooms. The Swallows had to find their own transportation, while others had chauffeur driven vehicles. While white performers frequented local restaurants and eateries after the shows, Eddie Rich and The Swallows were not served because of their skin color.

Check out my photo gallery from the Doo Wop 9 event below!