Imagine saving millions of lives by avoiding car crashes! I lost my dad in a terrible car accident, so when I heard this news, I immediately became interested. The future will soon be here with innovative 'vehicle to vehicle' communication, that will reduce car accidents by 80%, according to the U.S. Transportation Department that is proposing requiring all new cars and trucks to install in-vehicle communication devices. This technology will reshape how Americans drive and will greatly reduce road injuries and deaths that cost more than $200 billion every year. What's more, this vehicle to vehicle communication could be mandatory as soon as 2017. Here's how it works in brief. Vehicles will constantly be sending signals. It will be able to detect if a car is about to drive through a stop sign and alert your vehicle. This technology will even be able to detect threats from hundreds of yards away. It will tell drivers if they can make a left turn safely or if they can pass another vehicle safely. This 'game changing' technology could even be given to site impaired pedestrians. A vehicle will be able to alert a highway sign that the roads are icy, triggering the sign to flash the warning to other motorists. Are there challenges to overcome? As always, to prevent hackers from taking control of the signals. All in all, this is good news for the cars of the future, saving lives, money and making transportation much safer! For more information, look to the Detroit News, U.S. proceeding with mandatory 'vehicle to vehicle' communication by David Shepardson.