I am really excited about this year's crop of new shows on television! Finally we seem to be getting back to good stories and plots instead of all that reality stuff.

Have you seen the new show "Revolution" on NBC? I'm hooked! It's a show about all the power going out , everywhere! You see how it's affecting the characters but there also seems to be a way for them to turn it back on, but we don't know how that's going to play out yet. It's already earned a full season pick up.

Another hit is the new CBS series "Elementary." This is Sherlock Holmes in modern day NYC with a female Dr. Watson.

This week's Nielsen ratings show this show is doing well. Here's the top 10:

1. "Sunday Night Football" NY Giants and Philadelphia. 22.7 million viewers.

2. "NCIS" 20.4 mil

3. "Sunday Night NFL Pre-kick" 17 mil

4.  "NCIS: Los Angeles" 16.7 mil

5. "The Big Bang Theory" 15.6 mil

6.  "Vegas" 14.8 mil

7. "Modern Family" 14.4 mil

8. "Person of Interest" 14.2 mil

9.  "Dancing With The Stars" 14.1 mil

10. "Elementary" 13.4 mil

Do you have a favorite this season?