The word of the day is retrouvaille, a noun, that means the joy of meeting or finding someone again after a separation; a rediscovery. Retrouvaille describes a heart touching event that happened up the road in Brockton.

According to a WCVB-TV Newcenter 5 report, it will be a happy reunion for a pair of swans after one of the majestic birds was rescued after suffering a severe injury. In December, concerned citizens told wildlife officials that a swan at DW Field Park in Brockton appeared injured and was having difficulty walking. The Animal Rescue League of Boston’s team rescued the swan and discovered fishing line had become wrapped tightly around one of its legs, leading to an infection.

While the bird was being treated, veterinarians noticed it was losing weight. They discovered the swan had a parasitic gastrointestinal infection. It was treated and began gaining weight.

Now that the swan is back on its feet and healthy, it is being reunited with its mate just in time for spring!