I know I really can't take any credit for the way the 2013 Boston Red Sox went from worst to World Champions in a season with a 6-1 win over the Cardinals, but I did do something that many people thought could jinx the series.  Here's what happened, one of my jobs here at the radio station involves doing some producing, I put together many of the prerecorded things you hear on the air.  I was working on a piece of production during the day before game six of The World Series that said 'Congratulations Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series Champions', when I was putting it into the system to be ready to go in case they won I inadvertently did something that made it play on the air!  Many people heard it and thought it would be bad luck for the Sox, this mistake was all over Facebook and Twitter.  I replied by saying 'I'll take the blame for the Sox losing two at home', now that the Red Sox are 2013 World Champions, I like to think my mistake may have helped in some small way, even though it didn't, I just had confidence in a team that defied the odds all season and pulled together after last years mess.  I am happy to see David Ortiz get the MVP, he deserved it, leading the team with his passion and actions on the field and the rest of the players in the club house following his lead!  Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox, 2013 World Series Champions, Fear The Beard!