Well, it's over! Thank goodness! Yes I am talking about the dreadful Red Sox season. What a way to finish the season, 8 straight losses and a crushing by the Yankees 14-2! With the final out the 2012 season for the sox ended with 69 wins and 93 losses, the worst season since 1965. I know that all seasons aren't going to be winning ones, but with a payroll that high, you expected a better performance.

Having said that the Sox dumped most of those salaries mid-season by sending Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzales and Nick Punto to the LA Dodgers and earlier in the season dumping Kevin Youklis in Chicago. The real reason for dumping these players were not their high salaries, it was their attitude in the club house. By eleminating these players I assume that Sox management thought they would get the team back and see the season turn around, we all know how that turned out.
What we have to look forward to is an off season full of questions that Sox ownership need to answer. Who will be the manager, pitching needs to be overhauled are two questions that come to mind first. Will they let GM Ben Cherrington do the job he was hired to do? Let's hope they have the right answers to these questions!

Now that the season is over for the Red Sox it's time to move on and forget 2012 and hope that April 2013 brings us a team that can compete!