In fear of rising prices and fewer jobs, Market Basket employees and customers are rallying tonight at store locations throughout the state, protesting the possible ouster of the company's current President and CEO.

Market Basket's board of directors will meet Thursday to decide whether to vote out Arthur T. Demoulas, President since 2008. Demoulas's cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas, is lobbying for the seat.

New Bedford Market Basket Merchandising Manager Amir Pajazetovic tells WBSM's "Mid-Day Live" there is speculation Arthur S. Demoulas wants to increase the company's profit margins, and customers aren't too happy about that.

Pajazetovic says he's collected over 1,500 signatures from folks in favor of keeping Arthur T. Demoulas as President.

A rally is taking place Tuesday night at the New Bedford Market Basket at 6pm. It's the last chance for customers to sign the petition.