Have you ever had an Earworm?  No it's not a bug that crawls in your ear - it's a song that gets stuck in your head and all day long you find yourself singing along and you can't get rid of it!  The other day this happened to me!  I love to keep up with the current music trends and one of the latest and greatest comes to us from Korea, it's Psy and the song "Gangnam Style".  The song is mostly in Korean but there are a few words in English, the song is lots of fun but the best part is the video!  The song is catchy but the video is just fun!

I love the dance that Psy does, he say's in order to do the dance you have to act like you are on an invisible pony riding in place, what's more fun than that?  If you haven't seen Psy yet, you will, he has been on the Ellen Show, teaching Britney Spears how to do the dance, he's been on the Today show, even the latest issue of People magazine had a story about him!

I was interested to see that he studied at both Boston University and Berklee College of Music, even though he's from South Korea, it's kind of nice to know that he spent some time close to us honing his skills.  Here is the video I want to offer you this bit of advice though becareful!  I was washing my car in my driveway the other day and I was doing the dance while I was washing , needless to say my neighbors thought I had lost it! Enjoy!