Public Service Announcements Regulations

Townsquare Media New Bedford will not accept PSA’s over the phone or in person.

 Please use one of the following to submit a PSA:

  1. PSA’s must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event, no exceptions.
  2. Events must be organized by a registered 501(c)3 organizations.  For-Profit businesses raising money for a  non-profit causes/organizations will not be considered.  (ie- a for-profit salon raising money for the non-profit Locks of Love will not be considered.)
  3.  Townsquare Media New Bedford announcers "live-read" PSA’s at random and/or at the staff’s discretion. Not all PSA’s will be aired. If your organization   requires a set schedule, you may contact us about purchasing a paid PSA schedule.
  4. All PSA’s aired with Townsquare Media New Bedford must meet federal and local rules and regulations. No illegal lotteries, raffles, etc. will be accepted or aired.
  5. No tickets/passes for events will be given away on-air for any event.
  6. Fun107 will not be able to broadcast live or appear at any event.  Organizations who wish to have WBSM 1420 present at their event may do so but must understand that a cost is involved and is subject to staff’s availability.

We encourage you to add your PSA/Event information to our webites’ event calendars. This creates an easy way for you to manage your own information as events come about while also getting exposure.

Visit and/or to submit your event.

For more information regarding PSA’s, please call our office at (508)-999-6690.