Police are looking for a New Bedford man in connection with a slashing incident early Monday at the Redwood Saloon on Cove Rd. 

Polcie were called to the bar shortly after midnight, and found a 44 year old Dartmouth man with a slash wound across his neck. 

The man says he and another man had been arguing at the bar when the second man pulled out a pocket knife and slashed him across the neck, leaving him with a four-inch wound. 

The victim was transported to Rhode Island Hospital and is listed in stable condition. 

According to Detective Capt. Steve Vicente, both men knew each other, and police have obtained an arrest warrent for 33 year old Kyle Costa (above) of New Bedford. 

Police say Costa did hand over his sweatshirt to the victim to stop the bleeding before running off.   Anyone with information on Costa's whereabouts should call 508 991-6300. Ext. 136.