It's not just Hillary Clinton when she loses or Susan Sarandon when Bernie lost who are  throwing lamps and 'kicking dogs' now. The acceptable reaction of the left is to lose their minds when they lose elections fairly and squarely. In France, the liberals had made heavy emotional investments in their far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mèlenchon who, after a late surge in polling, lost and will now, like the rest of France watch the right-wing Le Pen and the moderate Emmanuel Macron move on to the general elections to be the next leader of France.

Anti-refugee candidate Marine Le Pen shocked the nation with her placing second and moving on to the finals. Her platform of preserving French culture and heritage and also laying out the case against large amounts of immigrants being detrimental to the safety of France has her on the brink of leadership and the left cannot tolerate the thought.

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Police have made arrests and have had to use tear gas on the large crowds armed with flares, metal bars and other crude weapons.

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Not much news of this has reached the viewers of ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN but this major rioting is occurring nevertheless.

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Bringing a guillotine to a protest outside of the Bastille in Paris has a specific meaning that few should ignore.

America saw a version of this in Washington, New York, Boston and San Francisco when President Trump won. This can not be tolerated. This can not be the new accepted reaction of the losers in free elections.

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