I am not what you would call a huge movie watcher but when I do find one that I enjoy I like to share.  The other day the family and I sat down and watched Pitch Perfect, I wasn't expecting to like a movie about accapella singing, happily I was wrong.  The thing that makes this movie for me is the cast.  They all work perfect together.  Let me tell you a little about the movie, it is about a young woman who is first going to college and doesn't want to be there, she ends up auditioning and making the schools accapella group.  The group is filled with a bunch of misfits and they have a great chemistry together.  The movie also has the typical love story and parent child struggles, some how they put it all together and put together a fun to watch movie.  If you are looking to grab a flick out of Red Box or on Demand I recomend Pitch Perfect.