We're starting to pack the gear for our road trip to Florida. Neal and I will be broadcasting from Fenway South at Jet Blue Park next Monday and Tuesday. Is there anyone you would like us to try and talk to? What would you like us to ask? I can't guarantee anything, but we'll try.

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Here's how it goes down there: we arrive at the park between 5 and 5:15am and there is usually only a security guard and a janitor or two. We go up to the press box and plug in, then start writing our material from overnight for the morning show. We do the show from 6 to 9am with hardly anyone there. T

he newspaper guys start arriving around 7:30am. We start to see a player or coach jogging in the outfield around 8. At 9, we end the show, pack things up quickly and head for the dugout to hear John Farrell's briefing. After that, we go fishing basically. We're allowed to stay in the dugout or near it, while the Sox take batting practice.

You try and talk to the guys before or after they hit. Then you get to go into the clubhouse and wait and see if anyone is in the mood to talk. An hour before the game starts you have to clear out and give them some privacy. At that time you head back up to the press box for lunch, edit what you've recieved and watch the game.

I'm not going to kid you, it's a blast, but you never know who you'll get and then you have to write and edit and make it into something to broadcast the next day.

We fly out Sunday morning and we'll keep you posted with blogs, photos and videos.