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I was shocked to learn that when a restaurant says 'pet friendly' that doesn't mean that 'Fido' can join you in the restaurant and sit at your table while you dine.

'Pet Friendly' means that if the restaurant has an outdoor patio area that it's okay to bring your dog while you dine outside.  When I first heard that some restaurants were pet friendly I thought it meant that you could bring your dog inside and he/she could sit at your feet while you dine.

That then got me to thinking, knowing some of my friends dogs, that it could end up in a sticky situation.  Even if you have a dog on a leash what's to say he wont try to jump up on a counter and grab someone else's meal or if he wants to take a sniff of someone else's dog it might make for an uncomfortable experience.  I read that due to local board of health regulations that pets can not be allowed inside of restaurants.

I guess that makes sense seeing that most dogs only get bathed every couple of months, although I'm sure that some people are less sanitary than the family pet.

According to the Pet Friendly Restaurant website, there are even a few pet friendly places to take your beloved family friend right here in Massachusetts! So you're heading to the City, bring the dog along for the ride.