The New England Patriots leave the field on Sunday with another heart-breaking loss. The Baltimore Ravens kicked a last minute field goal to put them ahead, 31-30.It seemed as though the Patriots had a handle on the very tough Baltimore Ravens, but scoring just a field goal in the fourth quarter proved the be the difference maker for New England.

Tom Brady threw 28 of 41 passes for 335 yards and a touchdown. Once again, the Pats running game fell short. As a team, they only ran for 77 yards, but did get into the endzone twice. Baltimore's Ray Rice put together a 101 yard game, with a touchdown, for the Ravens.

Joe Flacco had a big game as well. He was 28 of 39, 382 yards and three touchdowns. Ravens receiver Torrey Smith caught two of those touchdowns, and would catch for a total of 127 yards.  Both Brandon Lloyd and Wes Welker caught for over 100 yards for New England.

The field goal by Ravens kicker Justin Tucker as time expired would be the difference. Next up for New England, AFC East rival Buffalo on Sunday. The Patriots are currently at 1-2, while Buffalo sits at 2-1.

[Via ESPN]