I was watching a video the other day from the New England Patriots, they had a panel of players on the stage, one of the topics that came up was some of the rookie pranks that were played on them. 

One of the best was the one that QB Tom Brady told about what former Pat's QB Drew Bledsoe did to him.  One day before practice Drew put some of that ink powder they use to dye money in case of a robbery, you know that purple dye, in Tom Brady's socks.


Brady told the story of how he found the socks in his locker and put them on and went out to practice, after an hour or so he looked at his shoes and noticed that they were oozing a purple color, he didn't know what was going on until he went back into the locker room and took off the cleats and found his feet and ankles dyed purple!  Brady said they were that color for 3 weeks!

So this begs the next question have you ever been pranked, or pranked someone that you want to share?