Parents in Troy, NY are upset after finding out that a 5th grader, who wrote on his desk with a pencil, was told by the teacher to "Lick it off until it's clean!"

This happened in February and since then then parents have been trying to go through the proper channels to get some kind of disciplinary action taken against the teacher.

George Spencer, the boy's father, says he just wants the teacher to go in front of the class and apologize, but the principal will not order that. The Spencer’s had their son transferred to another class, but say he is struggling with the transition.

The district issued a statement:

"When a complaint from a parent is received the matter is investigated," said interim Superintendent Brian Howard in a statement. "Once the facts are known, appropriate steps are taken. If the facts show a complaint is unfounded the parent is informed. If the facts show a complaint is accurate or partially accurate, corrective measures are taken and the parent is informed.  Information regarding a specific student, staff member or parent is confidential and cannot be shared.  There are times when a parent may not want to accept the facts.  There are times when a parent may not agree that the steps taken are appropriate.  The District is bound by laws and regulations.  There is no need for additional information when an issue has been addressed fairly and responsibly based on the facts.  The District cannot and will not engage in spreading rumors and gossip."