It's been a rocky start for Bobby Valentine as manager of the Boston Red Sox. He got some great support on Monday. The owners of the team are backing him up.

Some upper management and the fans - especially the fans - have been pretty hard on Bobby Valentine this season. Is it his fault though? The Red Sox ran into trouble last season, and they have yet to turn things around. It may take some time.

The principal owners of the Sox know that Bobby Valentine is capable of doing a great job. They let him, and the rest of Sox nation know it by fulling backing him up. When asked about the backing of ownership, Valentine was humble as always.

I regret that they had to do it. If our record was better, they wouldn't have to do it. Totally appreciated, though. They felt it was necessary. They think it was good for the guys.

- Bobby Valentine

Right now the Red Sox are 9 games behind the Yankees in the AL East, in second to last place. They also trail in the Wildcard race. There are 52 games left in the regular season, so there is still time to make up some ground.