I realize that male and female grooming choices differ culturally. For instance, a caller from Germany said that shaving was never something she worried about growing up. Now that she's lived here for so long, she can't imagine not shaving. Respecting another culture's customs is one thing, but I am a little baffled at this new movement right here in the states. The "Hairy Legs Club" on Tumblr features photos from women exposing their hairy legs and is meant to make a statement about social expectations of beauty. Even the Facebook page "Women Against Non-Essential Grooming" (WANG) has lured over 1700 members!

I don't understand how summer proves to be so inconvenient for these women. There are 12 months in a year, and our society expects that women maintain clean shaven legs for 3 of them. That's 20 minutes out of the day once or twice a week (Unless you're Portuguese like me, in which case it's 3 or 4). Skipping a day or two won't be the end of the world either. No one's ready to reprimand you for having stubble. If it starts to look bad and you have no time to pull out the razor, just cover them up. Let's face it ladies, that's why we love Maxi-dresses; we look cute and they'll be none the wiser.