A Moore, Oklahoma teacher is grateful her school got nothing worse than high winds and hail yesterday.

Update 10:53am  -- The death toll has been decreased from 51 to 24 in the Oklahoma tornado. New Reports state that while the death toll has decreased, the number of injured people is still in the hundred.

Shae Rowell says her school is three blocks away from the Plaza Towers Elementary site.

Plaza Towers Elementary wasn't so lucky. The school was mowed down in yesterday's twister, and searchers are still digging through the rubble. There are reports of 20 student deaths.

51 people have been reported dead, and official expect the death toll to continue to rise, mainly children. KFOR in Oklahoma reports at least 91 deaths so far. The Tornado was a reported EF5 and was a mile-wide. Moore, Oklahoma looks to be completely destroyed.