In another bold threat, North Korea has said that they will cancel the cease-fire that they've had with South Korea since 1953.

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As tensions continue to rise in North Korea, South Korea and the United States are making preparations if North Korea does decided to launch an assault. The latest move from North Korea is a scary one, as they have threatened to end the 60 year cease-fire with South Korea if the US and South Korea don't stop 'war games'.

The commander of the KPA (Korean People's Army) said that they 'will completely nullify the armistice'. He added that that they would be moving the KPA out of the village of Panmunjom - the truce village. North Korea also said they would cut off the US military hotline in Panmunjom.

They are calling the military training exercises the the US and South Korean military are participating in a 'systematic act of destruction aimed at the Korean armistice'.