Did you know that the NFL Pro Bowl was played last night?  I totally forgot until the golf I was watching ended and was channel surfing and came across the game. 

By the way, this game is the one that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell threatened players that it they didn't try hard that he may cancel future Pro Bowls.  I look at the score NFC 62 and the AFC 35, I guess there was some effort in the game, by the offense, defense on the other hand allowing almost 100 points in a game, not good.

Peyton Manning actually spoke in front of the entire Pro Bowl group and said that the last two years of play was "unacceptable."  Most of the players agreed, and they did step up their games but still what player wants to go 100 percent in an exhibition game that means nothing?  You would think that their teams wouldn't want them to run the risk of an injury during this game.

Maybe it's time to honor the players a different way than the Pro Bowl, I don't know what that would be but a trip to Hawaii is pretty nice for these guy's.  In the end Roger Goodell can complain about play, we all know in the end it is what it is and they will continue to play the game the same as it is now.