TSM - Dr. Pia Durkin (L) at recent School Committee Meeting

An ad appeared in Wednesday's New Bedford Standard Times, where more than 80 people stated their support for Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin and her attempts to reform New Bedford Schools.  However, the head of the New Bedford Educators Association , Lou St. John was not impressed..

Speaking on WBSM's Mid-Day Live, St. John said Durkin's management style was under fire during her previous stops in Narragansett, Rhode Island and in Attleboro.  He said change for change sake is not a good thing.

On his weekly radio show, Mayor Jon Mitchell said the newspaper ad showed Durkin was getting support from parents, educators, and business leaders....

Mitchell says Superintendent Durkin probably wouldn't admit it, but he's sure she felt good about the ringing endorsement.