Not sure if this is something you would want or not.  It's the Tikker watch, it's a watch that counts down the years, months, day's, minutes and seconds until you die, sounds kind of morbid but the company spokesman says it actually is a good thing.

The Tikker watch is not yet in production but once they get funding they will release it to the public, they feel that because you have a countdown going on you will use it to make better decisions in your life.  Instead of procrastinating about doing those things on your bucket list they feel with the countdown going on you will want to go out and do those things.

In order to figure out your 'Death Date' you have to answer a few questions and input them into the watch, once you do that, let the countdown begin.

I'm not sure how I would react to when I have less than a week to live, what I would be doing, would I celebrate, mourn?  I wonder if there's a money back guarantee if it's wrong?