Here we go again, another study that will make us all freak out!  This time a study out of the Unversity of Arizona found that your cell phone is a lot dirtier than your toilet, carrying 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. 

The microbiologist's behind this study ask, "when's the last time you cleaned your cell phone?" Good question!  Toilets get cleaned frequently because people associate bathrooms with germs, cell phones rarely if ever get a cleaning.  One good thing to come out of this study is that the amount of germs on a phone isn't the problem, it's the sharing of phones between people.

If there is no sharing, each phone carries just one set of germs and won't get the owner sick. Phew, that's good to know because I never share my iPhone, you'll never get it out of my hands, I start to panic if I hand it over to someone to look at a picture or something and they hang on to it too long.

The study also looked at other germ hotspots and found that remote controls, office phones, shopping carts and elevator first floor buttons are loaded with germs. Well I guess this means that I will have to carry those handy wipes everywhere I go.