If you've seen some hustle and bustle happening at Supreme Donuts, it's because a brand new donut shop, the Donut Factory, is soon taking its place. 

The Donut Factory, set to officially open in April, is going to be a totally remodeled version of what was once (and still currently is) Supreme Donuts on Rockdale Ave. in New Bedford. While they are currently open for business, they will close down in a few weeks to fully remodel the inside, which they plan on doing as quickly as possible.

The Donut Factory is set to look something like Toothsome's Chocolate Emporium in Orlando, complete with steam punk-themed coffees, sandwiches, and most importantly, donuts (including mini-donuts for the little sweet lovers in your life.) They're even trying to get a giant smoke stack and whistle for the outside of the building!

In addition to all the sweet treats, the new owners are anticipating launching an all-organic, on-tap, cold-brew coffee unlike anything you've had before.

We were lucky enough to get some of their donuts delivered to the station today and we can vouch for these guys - they were amazing!

Abby Renoir
Jason Kent