The people at Wind Wise in Fairhaven, MA have come out with a new video documentary that show cases what it's like to live near the controversial turbines in Fairhaven. It;s called "TOO Close, Stories From Those Who Live In The Shadows."

The documentary highlights that not only are people who live near the turbines affected with their health, but it has also affected their investments in their home. In some cases, they can't sell their homes because of the turbines.

The video description says:

"This is a powerful documentary that should be viewed by those who feel a calling to support their neighbors and those who have concerns about a "Wind Friendly" Board of Health opening Fairhaven's doors to increased wind development. Louise Barteau took to the neighborhoods and spends time with those who have been directly impacted. You'll hear the touching stories of these families in their own words. If you stand with us in helping, please share this page and show your support and compassion."