In response to the Marathon bombings last April, the Boston Athletic Association has installed a set of rules for participants and spectators to follow. Safety is the number one priority.There are several items that are no longer permitted near the starting line in Hopkinton or the finish line on Boylston Street. These items include:

Strollers, backpacks / CamelBaks and similar products, glass containers, any container that can carry more than 1 liter of liquid, vests with pockets, suitcases / rolling bags.

Runners are no longer allowed to wear bulky clothing or anything that covers their face. People can no longer wear CamelBaks and similar products.People are prohibited from bringing flags / signs more than 11 inches wide and 17 inches long, as well as other sports and military equipment.

Buses will no longer transport the runner’s personal bags from Boston Common to Hopkinton, and no bags will be brought by those buses back to Boston. They do, however, have the option of checking the bags on Boston Common, taking the bus to Hopkinton, and then running back to retrieve their bags. Runners are permitted to wear fuel belts and fanny packs.