Friends and family members of the late Keith Francis, gathered this weekend in New Bedford, to dedicate in his name, the outdoor track at the McCoy Athletic Complex in the West End. 

Francis was a 1972 graduate of New Bedford High School.  He attended Boston College and was named an All-American , and still holds the school record in eight events. 

Former high school teammate Steve Caton called Francis, "the complete package" and a wonderful human being. 

Gail Oliveira tells WBSM News, Francis was a special person.....

Francis graduate from Boston College and went on to a 30 year career with the U-S Justice Department. 

Janet Costa-Bates, the head of the Career Center at Boston College, says Francis loved B-C, and B-C loved him. 

At the time of his death, Francis served on the Boston College Board of Directors.