Four New Bedford men are arrested early Tuesday morning after they allegedly used bolt cutters to gain access to a  fenced in area of the Whaling City Golf course and steal 4 golf carts.

According to Detective Capt. Steve Vicente, police were called to the railroad tracks on Tarkiln Hill Road and found 4 abandonded golf carts with damaged transmissions and a set of bolt cutters in one of them. Police tracked footprints in the snow that led them to 3 males walking on Ashley Blvd, near Florida St. and they were placed under arrest. A 4th male was located by State Police near Pine  Grove Cemetary and arrested as well.

They're identified as 17 year old Michael Sampson, 18 year old Joel Morales, 20 year old Alex Goncalves and 22 year old Bryce Lopes and they were  arraigned in New Bedford District court on numerous larceny charges.