New Bedford Police[/caption]New Bedford Police make an arrest in a stabbing incident Sunday night.

Police were called to 601 Shawmut Avenue around 10pm regarding two people being stabbed as the result of a day of drinking and an argument in the building. Police say that a loud domestic dispute broke out on the 2nd floor of the building between 35-year-old Keith Campinha and his 37-year-old girlfriend.

When a first floor tenant went up stairs to intervene, a fight broke out and Campinha allegedly stabbed the unidientified victim, puncturing his lung. Campinha's girlfriend also tried to intervene, but was stabbed in the hand by her boyfriend.

The unidentified male victim and the girlfriend were both taken to Rhode Island Hospital with serious injuries.

Campinha was arrested and will face assault charges in Third District Court. Police beleive that alcohol played a role in the disturbance.