The New Bedford Half Marathon is coming up this weekend. This is the 36th year the race has been held and it is once again sponsored by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick.

Registration is closed for this year, but last year the race drew a record number of runners with 3,350 people registering.

Start making your plans now. If you need to travel on Sunday morning, there are some delays because of the race. The race begins at 11am at City Hall. It goes along Purchase St. to Hathaway Rd, up Hathaway to Rockdale Ave, down Rockdale Ave to Cove Rd, then out on West Rodney French Blvd, back on East on Rodney French, then County St to Kempton St and back to City Hall.

WBSM will provide live coverage of the race starting Sunday, March 17th at 10:45am.