New Bedford Police arrest a 29 year old city man following a foot chase in the Cottage Street area Tuesday. Police were called to a report of a man brandishing a firearm on the porch of 434 Cottage Street and when they went to the second floor where the suspect was began to fight with them and fled the apartment leading police on a chase that covered several West End blocks. As police approached 342 Cottage Street, the suspect jumped off the roof of a garage and was taken into custody. No firearm was re covered but a black handled knife was found. 29 year old Antwan Marquis Wells of North Street was taken into custody and charged with disturbing the peace and assault and battery on a police officer.Wells suffered a broken kneecap and wrist in his jump from the roof and is being treated at Rhode Island Hospital.Wells is well know to police, in January he was accused of stealing laptops from B C C and defaulted on his court appearence.