The New Bedford City Council is questioning at least one of Mayor Mitchell's most recent appointments.

Ward 3 Councilor Henry Bousquet requested a list of all those who applied for the City Planner position, after Mitchell appointed former Fall River City Planner James Hartnett to the $120,000 per-year post.

Ward 2 Councilor Steve Martins says with high unemployment rates, New Bedford residents should be first in line for city positions.

Ward 5 Councilor Jane Gonsalves questioned why a woman, namely Interim City Planner Jill Maclean, was not offered the position.

Gonsalves said of all of the Mayor's appointments since taking office, only two have been women, and nearly all appointees have ties to Harvard University, Mitchell's alma mater.

The Council referred the Mayor's appointments of the Chief Financial Officer and City Planner positions to the Council's Appointments and Briefings Committee.