An advocate for more charter schools in Massachusetts says Question Two on the November ballot is all about greater choice.

If approved by voters, Question Two would lift the cap on charter schools across the state.

Dr. Stephen Furtado, Executive Director at Global Learning Charter Public School in New Bedford says the demand for charter schools is extremely high. "Whether it's a public school, parochial school, private school, it's all about choice," says Dr. Furtado. "And right now, with 32,000 students on the waiting list across the Commonwealth to get into a charter [school], that alone speaks volumes."

Dr. Furtado says there is much misinformation about question two being put out by opponents. He says the notion that charter schools take away from public school funding is false. "Every time a student leaves a public school [for a charter school], let's say New Bedford Public Schools, New Bedford receives over six years 225%. And last year, New Bedford Public Schools received $1.9 million in reimbursement."

Furtado says the question is about affording parents more choices when it comes to education for their children.