ATM Machine

New Bedford Police are investigating another robbery in the south end. This one occured Sunday evening around 6;45 at the ATM machine at the Bank of America on Cove Street. As a 67 year old man was completing a transaction inside the bank's vestibule, two men banged on the door and as the man was leaving one of the men, holding a large butcher's knife, pushed the victim back into the hallway and demanded he withdraw more money from the atm which he did. The 2 men then fled heading in a northerly direction on South First Street. The victim was not injured and described the knife carrying suspect as a 20 year old 5 foot 9 inch Cape Verdean with short hair, wearing a white shirt and jeans while the other male was described as wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and baseball cap. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Tyrone Jones at 508-991-6300 ext 134.