An injured, abused German Shepherd was captured by Animal Control Wednesday night and underwent surgery yesterday to remove a choke chain that had grown into his skin, causing an infection.

Animal Control Officer Manny Maciel says that a witness saw a white woman with blond hair abandon the dog near Butler Street. After that, reports from across the south end trickled in to Animal Control and officers set a trap and recovered the dog at 58 Willard Street Wednesday night.

The metal choker chain was wrapped around the dog's neck and behind it's left front leg. It grew into the dog's skin, leaving a bloody gouge around its neck. Surgery cost $600 and Animal Control is looking for donations.

The dog was taken to the Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River where after 10 days it will be put up for adoption. Anyone with information can contact either New Bedford Police at 508-991-6300 or Animal Control at 508-991-6366.