Neil Diamond says he's written a new song inspired in part by last week's Boston Marathon tragedy.

The legendary singer-songwriter tells "Rolling Stone" he was "obviously affected" by the bombing, so he's "writing about it" as a form of self-expression. But Neil adds that his song encompasses more than the Marathon blast, and also includes his reflections on such tragedies as the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting and the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting. Diamond says it's "like an infestation," and that he's "writing about the general situation" and "what we're going through with all of these tragedies." Diamond adds that he's hoping to have the song ready for release soon. He says he's now recording the track, and "with a little bit of help from the man upstairs" he'll "have it finished by the weekend." But Diamond doesn't say when or how he'll put out the untitled song.