This weekend was the annual New England Auto Show at the Convention Center in Boston. 

I did my annual pilgrimage to the city to catch the show.  Once again it did not disappoint.  This is the show where manufacturers show off their entire line up and you can sit in them and get a feel for them as well.  You can also drive in some of them as well with their ride and drive feature.  Each year we pick a style of vehicle to compare and have fun comparing different versions that each manufacturer has to offer.  This year we chose the small SUV category, we started with Cadillac's offering the SRX, a handsome vehicle that was well appointed and very comfortable and had some great features!

After looking at the Caddy, we went to the Audi Q5, one of my favorite brands, the Audi's fit and finish was second to none, typical German style, a little smaller than the Caddy but still very nice and about five-grand cheaper.  The next small SUV we looked at was the Mercedes Benz GLK, an awkward looking vehicle that was the smallest by far and I do have to say I was surprised by the dated look of the dashboard, where most manufacturers have streamlined their dashes.

I do have to say we were disappointed in the offering Mercedes put out there.  The last small SUV we looked at was the Hyundai Santa Fe,  although not that small it was the lowest in price coming in at around 36-thousand.  The Hyundai was a very nice vehicle, plenty of room, well appointed and comfortable.


Over the last couple of day's I thought about all of the vehicles that I sat in and was able to look over from end to end and I think the car that was my favorite was the Audi A7.

The A7 is a recent addition to the Audi line up.  The A7 has a sleek design that is head turning, in fact during the show it was difficult to sit in it because there was a constant crowd around it.  It is pricey but a true dream car!  Other cars that  were great to see was the Lexus LFA, a car that they are only making 500 of.

Chevrolet finally updated their Impala.


Plus there were a bunch of exotic cars there as well!  Here are more Photos of some of the cars at the show.