The other night Donna and I were headed out to dinner, we hadn't decided on a place to go.  We had to make a quick stop before dinner while at the appointment, Donna mentioned to the person she was meeting that we were headed out to dinner and were looking for ideas. 

The person mentioned to her "Tastebuds in Mattapoisett",  we took her advice and headed over.  Like we usually do before trying a new restaurant we took a look at Yelp and saw what people were writing about the place, the reviews looked promising so we headed over.  When we got to Tastebuds, there were a few tables available so they were able to seat us right away.

The place has a great decor, a nice homey feel to it.  We were greeted by our waitress right away and place a drink order, I had the Top Shelf Margarita and Donna had the wine.  We also put in an order for Crab Cakes, we always do that at a new to us restaurant to compare to some of our other favorite places.  The drinks came first and I had the bartender put my Margarita in a regular glass, I'm not a fan of the big round glasses, the drink was excellent, a perfect blend, very tasty.  The Crab Cakes came a few minutes later and the presentation was very nice, there were two cakes on the plate served with mixed greens and a spicy-sweet remoulade.  These Crab Cakes were delicious!  They were very tasty and they had a nice texture to them, I highly recommend you try them!  We then ordered our meals, Donna went with the Baked Seafood Trio, scallops, shrimp and haddock and I ordered the  Vanilla Fields Salad and added scallops to it.

Let me say that the dishes were very tasty and cooked perfectly!  Donna enjoyed the seafood trio very much.  My salad was a winner, I have never had one that tasted so good, the Vanilla Fields Salad is mixed greens tossed in a mango and Tahitian vanilla vinaigrette with candied pecans, Great Hill blue cheese, grape tomatoes and sliced green apple.  Let me say that this was the best salad I have ever had!  Really, it was delicious, and the scallops were cooked exactly the way I like them, pan seared with salt and pepper that's it!

When I go back to Tastebuds I will have a difficult time ordering anything else off the menu!  After our meal we ordered a Banana's Foster which was okay, don't know if I would get that again though.  Over all I highly recommend Tastebuds in Mattapoisett to try, they are located at 42 Main Street in Mattapoisett, their number is 508-758-8524. If you go or have been I would love to hear your thoughts, please share.